There are some who call me... Andrew. I mostly post shit here that I stole from everyone else, but that seems to be what Tumblr is mostly used for. Occasionally I'll post something original, and on very few occasions I may have something meaningful to say, but it's mostly just crap I find amusing.

I play tenor, alto, and sometimes soprano sax rather well, penny whistle averagely, and guitar and piano/keyboard terribly, though I know the theory behind playing them. I'll play tenor sax in the FAU Marching Band, possibly crying on the inside because I can't go anywhere higher than that because I play a woodwind, though I recently resolved that I will somehow learn baritone and hopefully march in a corps.

Currently I am a Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering major at FAU. I'm also a chaser and keeper on the fantastic FAU Owls Quidditch team. It's kind of awesome having such an appropriate mascot for our university as the owl.

if you couldn't already tell, I'm a Panthers fan. I also love the New Jersey Devils because I love watching them, especially Marty, and the Vancouver Canucks, because that's pretty much like watching the Panthers as far as players go.

Pony OC
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